Stylish Designs for the Discerning Cyclist

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We would like to present our latest creation

Journey 1.0

Our new, stylish bike bag that goes from the street to the boardroom with grace and style. No need to feel bad about carrying that sporty bike pannier into the office or hiding it behind the chair. We now have a bag that with its simple elegance fits your style as you traverse through the city. Whether it’s meeting friends for coffee, having a picnic in the park or meeting an important client, this bag will fit right in.

We are in the process of refining a few details and production methods to keep it as local and sustainable as possible while maintaining quality and durability. Once we’ve got that pinned down we will gear up for a Kickstarter campaign to truly test the market to see if you like them as much as you say you do, to “Put your money where your mouth is” as the old saying goes. Then we can get a small production run going and get you out on the streets in style.

So if you like what you see please Sign-up below and we’ll send out a note as soon as the campaign gets going.
Thank you for your interest and please share with friends and family if you like what you see. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll buy you one.